Maps Page on Czech Republic


  1. Physical Environment
  2. Weather & Climate
  3. Human Environment
  4. Road maps
  5. City Maps
  6. Urban Transportation Maps
  7. Tourist Maps

1. Physical Environment

Geographical map

Geographical map of the Czech Republic highlighting prominent rivers, mountain ranges, and forests.

Altitude map

Altitude map of the Czech Republic measured in meters.Česká-republika-výšková-mapa

Elevation map


Elevation map of the Czech Republic measured in meters.


2. Weather & Climate

Climate Types

Climate types of the Czech Republic.


Average Summer Temperatures


Average summer temperatures (June-August 1994-2009) in districts of the Czech Republic. Districts are labeled according to the Czech Statistical Office coding system.


Average Number of Precipitation Days

Average number of days per year with precipitation in Eastern Europe. As seen below, Prague, Czech Republic receives approximately 93 days of precipitation each year.

3. Human Environment

Political Map for 2013 Presidential Election

Political map of the Czech Republic presidential election in 2013 stating who the two candidates were; Zeman and Schwarzenberg.

Political Map for 2006 Legislative Election

Political map of the Czech Republic showing the regions who voted along the lines of either the Citizen Democratic Party or the Social-Democratic Party during the legislative election of 2006.

Population Density Map

Population density of the Czech Republic in 2007.

4. Road Maps  

Detailed Road Map with Surrounding Countries

Detailed road map of the entire Czech Republic including the surrounding countries.


Detailed Road Map

Detailed road map of the Czech Republic without displaying the surrounding countries.

Road Map Detailing City Population

Detailed road map of the Czech Republic that includes the size of the population of each city.

5. City Maps

City Map of Middle Prague

City map detailing the middle of Prague.

All Cities in Country

Czech Republic featuring all the cities in the country.

Road and Metro map of Prague

City of Prague including details of the city Metro system.

6. Urban Transportation

Metro Map of Prague

Metro map of Prague.

Tram and Metro Map

Trams and metro map of Prague.

Detailed Tram and Metro Map

Tram and metro system in Prague with detailed stops.

7. Tourist Sites

Popular Tourist Destinations

Large map of the Czech Republic detailing the most popular tourist destinations in the country.


Brewery Map


Breweries of the Czech Republic, including information about which ones offer tours, accommodations, etc.


Popular Tourist Destinations in Prague



Popular tourist destinations in Prague.



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